CASC helps calculate recipes for solution preparation regardles of number of compunds used. Built in concentration calculator converts concentrations between percent, molarity, molality and molar fractions, automatically taking density changes into account thanks to built in database of substances. Thanks to the flexible user interface concentration calculator can be also used to find answers to most solution questions you may think off or find in textbooks as it can find any unknown - concentration, amount of solution, amount of substance - if other values are given. There is also solution mixer - which does almost every kind of calculations involving three solutions - two mixed and one obtained. Solution mixer has the same flexibility of use allowing you to find any unknown for any given set of data. Registered version database contains over 300 compounds with density data tables so you can use it instead of a handbook. CASC is licensed as shareware, the cost of the registered version is $60 and full download size is 0.47 MB. You can download a free version of CASC by following download link at Free Downloads section of this page. CASC is developed or distributed by BPP Marcin Borkowski and is listed under education science chemistry.

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CASC calculates recipes for solution preparation and converts concentrations automatically taking density changes into account thanks to built in database of substances. It also helps in dilution and mixed solutions calculations.

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 Publisher: BPP Marcin Borkowski
 Cost: $60.00
 License Type: Shareware
 File Size: 0.47 MB
 Release Date: 5/7/2005
 Platforms: Win95, Win98, WinME, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

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